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State instructor licenses for ISTB sensei


InstructorNumerous sensei from the ISTB successfully completed the state Instructor for Asian Martial Arts certification program in the discipline of Takeda Budo, which was offered for the first time last year, making them state certified budo instructors and underscoring the high quality of training offered in the ISTB.


This state instructor certification program, which was approved and financed by the Ministry of Education, is the result of fruitful

collaboration between the Vienna Federal Sports Academy (Bundessportakademie Wien, BSPA) and the Austrian Association for Asian Martial Arts (Österreichischer Fachverband für Fernöstliche Kampfsportarten, ÖFFK). The initial spark for this program came from none other than Siegfried Kobilza, who brought the traditional school of Takeda Budo from Japan to Europe 25 years ago and who is co-founder and sports director of the ÖFFK, and from Werner Krammer, a pioneer and long-time functionary in the ISTB as well as Sportunion federal advisor for Takeda Budo and founder and current president of the ÖFFK.


Instrucktor course Instructor course Instructor course


Kobilza's vision was to offer the current and future instructors in the association discipline-specific but also general, well founded sports science education that meets the highest of quality standards and that would be officially recognized by the Austrian government.


Having set such a high goal, it was clear that it could only be reached through a state-accredited institution with a high level of technical competence. Initiators Kobilza and Krammer finally found the best possible cooperation partner in the BSPA.


Benefits for our members:

  • The certification program is based on modern scientific sports and training methods and on the long tradition that is associated with the Asian martial arts.
  • Biomechanically correct core and stabilization strength, coordination, and mobility training provides our members with effective protection against injury during training and in everyday life.
  • The certified instructors are able to provide competent help in matters of general training and the individual goals of their students, and can offer well founded guidance in important areas such as proper training intensity and regeneration time, among others.
  • The integration and application of expert knowledge in the fields of pedagogy, didactics, and methodology and in the field of sports biology increases the effectiveness of teaching, and ultimately the success of each individual student.


Potential instructor courses are subject to stringent selection and accreditation criteria in order to be accepted into the program of the BSPA and into the range of qualification programs that are approved and financed by the Ministry of Education. A training program had to be developed to meet the legal requirements and then submitted for approval. This was handled by two specialists: Andreas Vock, sports scientist and representative of the BSPA, and Siegfried Kobilza, the expert for martial arts-specific matters. This step was preceded by years of work by Werner Krammer and Siegfried Kobilza in collaboration with the Sportunion Akademie and its director Herbert Anderl to establish and offer an assistant coach qualification program for Asian martial arts, which is a prerequisite for admittance into the instructor certification program in addition to at least one year of experience as an assistant coach.


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