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Joden Shihan Tom Laenen


Tom Laenen
Tom Laenen, born 1980, practices Takeda Budo since March 1994. At that time Mr. Van den Plas was his teacher. In March 1998 he became assistant for Sobukan Olen. During the same moment he also became an official representative for Takeda Ryu.

September 1999 he took the place from his former teacher as main instructor for Sobukan Olen. From this moment Soke Siegfried Kobilza becomes his main teacher until this date.He becomes Shoden Kyohan (teacher for the basic level) in November 2002. Together with his pupil and at that time assistant teacher and leader of Sobukan Herselt sensei Tom creates in February 2008 a new union 'Takeda Ryu Sobudokai Vlaanderen' to bundle the forces in de Flemish region of Belgium. July 2009 he becomes Chuden Kyohan (teacher for the mid level). During the International Budo Congress 2016 he receives the honor of becoming Joden shihan (teacher for the upper level) of our school.


Joden Shihan
Member of ISTB Shidoshinsahonbu
Aikido 5th dan
Iaido 5th dan
Jodo 4th dan
Jukempo 3rd dan
Kendo 4th dan
Jujitsu 3rd dan
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